Sweater Weather is Better with 3 New Bear Wear Colours!

Sweater Weather is Better with 3 New Bear Wear Colours!

Now that we’re into October, there is no question that Fall is in full swing and that means apple picking, pumpkin patches, Fall colour tours and living your best life in your favourite Muskoka Bear Wear layers. And just in time for sweater weather, we’re introducing three BRAND NEW colours of our cottage-comfy Ladies Quarter-Zip!

1 – Dark Grey with Cream Logo

2 – Tan with Cream Logo

3 – Cobalt Blue with Cream Logo

Our Ladies Quarter Zips are a very popular Canadian Made style in our Collection! Each comes complete with a small embroidered camp logo on the front and circle paw logo on the back below the collar. The quarter front zipper makes this an easy add-on for those colder cottage mornings.

Made from durable 16oz. 80% cotton, 20% polyester & fabric washed for shrinkage control.

Get even more cozy in your quarter zip with our Ladies Camp Pants!

And of course, when you’re finished adding the new Ladies Quarter-Zips to your online cart, don’t forget to make a quick stop on the Muskoka Bear Wear Sale Page to scope out some more great deals!

Back To School with Muskoka Bear Wear

Back To School with Muskoka Bear Wear

We can already hear the moans and groans that summer is over and back to school is here. But Fall doesn’t have to be so bad, and neither does returning to school or getting started with your virtual learning at home. It means getting to see the leaves change, it means re-connecting with friends and it means getting to rock your favourite comfy Muskoka Bear Wear hoodies while you study! Sweater weather is better, so here are 3 Muskoka Bear Wear hoodies to keep you warm and cozy this Back to School season.

#1 – Youth Cabin Hoody (for Kids)

Hoodies on, textbooks open! Get cozy in this super-soft, signature Muskoka Youth Hoody! This style is made of 80% cotton, 20% polyester, 16 oz. fleece durable fabric washed for shrinkage control. Complete with double lined hood, front pouch pockets & custom signature logo on the front & paw on the hood. These are even more adorable with the matching Youth Cottage Comfy Pants!

#2 – Ladies Camp Hoody

Turn heads in the hallways with the super comfy Ladies Camp Hoody! Now in solid colours, with no plaid micro-fleece or sherpa in the hood! It’s made of 80% cotton, 20% polyester, 16 oz. fleece durable fabric washed for shrinkage control. Complete with drawstring, front pouch pockets, NEW ARCH LOGO on the front & with a custom Paw patch on the hood. So Comfy to wear & goes nicely with our Ladies Camp Pants!

#3 – Men’s Sherpa Hoody

Cozy. Cool. Need we say more? This Classic Men’s style is made of 80% cotton, 20% polyester, 16 oz. fleece durable fabric washed for shrinkage control. Complete with drawstring, a SHERPA lined hood, front pouch pockets, Classic arch logo on the front & with a custom Paw on the hood. Get even more comfy by pairing your Sherpa Hoody with our new MBW Men’s Pants!

Muskoka Bear Wear has you covered for all your Back to School needs!

Lounging Through Labour Day Long Weekend with Muskoka Bear Wear!

Lounging Through Labour Day Long Weekend with Muskoka Bear Wear!

Our last few blogs were all about getting out there and making the most of what was left of Summer. Adventures you and your dog could go on, hot spots to visit in Ontario, going on cruises and all the exciting, adventurous things that come with Summer. However, for Labour Day Long Weekend, with Back 2 School right around the corner and wanting to make sure you have a chance to recharge the batteries ahead of the arrival of Fall, we’re recommending slowing things down and keeping it cozy, comfy and chill this Labour Day Weekend.

Step #1 – Get All Your Errands and Work Done ASAP!

Use your Friday evening or Saturday morning to get aaaaaaaall of your errands, work or responsibilities checked off so that you can be guilt-free to unplug and chill out. Get your phone calls or FaceTimes done. Pick up snacks and easy-to-make meals for while you’re hanging out this weekend. Lay out some comfy Muskoka Bear Wear for the rest of the weekend and get ready to chill.

Step #2 – Commence the Lounging!

Do your best to ignore your e-mails or messages and just kick back. If you love to read, get nice and cozy and cuddle up with that book you’ve been wanting to try but were always too busy. If you’re a gamer, fire up the console and let yourself drift into the game world. We recommend Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. We know those adorable villagers would love to see more of you this weekend. Maybe you’re a movie or TV show fan… BINGE AWAY! Schitt’s Creek, The Office and Parks & Recreation top our binge list right now.

The bottom line: get comfy and try to get lost in something that brings you joy.

Step #3 – Rinse & Repeat All Weekend Long

Guys, it’s a long weekend! You already got all of your work and responsibilities out of the way during Step #1, so put your own mental health and wellness at the forefront and indulge in that chill time! Finished your book? Start another. Finished your game, TV show or movie? Start another! Finished your first round of snacks, grab some more! Do what makes you feel good and you won’t feel any regret that you didn’t make the most of your Labour Day Long Weekend.

BONUS: MBW Pants $10 Off Labour Day Weekend!

Yup. We want to help you kick back and lounge through your Labour Day Long Weekend with $10 OFF our comfy, cozy chill-friendly pants! Visit our Exclusive Labour Day Sale Page for details!

#MBWShoutOuts Week 22: Sushi By The Water

#MBWShoutOuts Week 22: Sushi By The Water

In response to the challenging times that we are experiencing together regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give props to some stellar local businesses who are stepping up to serve our great community.

Featured this Week:

Sushi By The Water, Gravenhurst
Website: www.sushibythewater.com

“Once Discovered, Never Forgotten”

Borrowing a famous Muskoka slogan, ‘Once Discovered, Never Forgotten‘, Sushi By The Water, a newly opened sushi restaurant in Gravenhurst, fits the slogan perfectly. This gem located along HWY 169 between Gravenhurst and Bala not only offers up one of the most breathtaking patio views in Muskoka, but they serve some of the best sushi we’ve ever eaten.

Owned and operated by three friends, Peter, Wang & Jiang, they made it clear early on that the focus would be on quality, not quantity. Peter & Wang were able to lure Jiang, a former Master Chef in a Toronto Japanese restaurant, with the appeal of Muskoka and his love for fishing. “Don’t be surprised if on a slow day, you will see Jiang fishing right off the patio.” Peter told us.

Opening a new business – let alone a restaurant – any time of the year or anywhere in the world is already difficult task, but when you pair it alongside the timeline of Covid-19, you might have thought it was a recipe for disaster. For Sushi By The Water however, it was a recipe that spelled opportunity. It gave them time to establish themselves and focus on their Take Out & Delivery service – and eventually their Patio Dining – while finding their rhythm and introducing themselves to the community. Establishing safety protocols and carefully allowing people to discover them gave them a chance to build confidence and momentum that should serve to carry them though their first (upcoming) off-season. We wonder if Jiang will hang around and try his hand at ice fishing!

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and the dedication it took by Sushi By The Water and their team to launch their business this year. We also want to thank them for bringing their incredible sushi to Muskoka… we literally cannot recommend them enough. Their Spicy Salmon Rolls and the Honey Butter Chicken dish is exceptional! Keep up the great work guys!!

If you know a local business who deserves a shout out, send us a direct message with a photo and why they should be featured.

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Our Top 5 Summer Destinations in Ontario

Our Top 5 Summer Destinations in Ontario

We are now into the final days of summer and we want to make sure to get the most out of it before it’s gone! With this weekend and the Labour Day Long Weekend ahead, there’s still time to load up some snacks, some comfy Bear Wear and hit the road to check out one of our Top 5 Summer Destinations within Ontario. Let’s go!

#1 – Muskoka

Of course we chose Muskoka as our number one destination – we live here! From the beautiful dark night skies, the great fishing, paddling opportunities and unique shopping & dining options, Muskoka is far and away our favourite place to be for summer in Ontario.

Tip: Check out the Hardy Lake Trail, or the Torrance Barrens for some great hiking. Or if you’re looking to jump in the water, Kirby’s Beach in Bracebridge is great!

Learn more about visiting Muskoka.

#2 – Algonquin Park

Photo from deerhurstresort.com

While not necessarily very far for us, being in Muskoka, our neighbours to the north-east offer a wide variety of outdoor activities and the chance to get up close and personal with the great Canadian wilderness. From camping, paddling, fishing and hiking to one of the several guided tours available, there are plenty of ways to experience Algonquin and we highly recommend adding Algonquin Park to your must-see summer destinations in Ontario.

Tip: Bring some good shoes and check out the Lookout Trail if you’re looking for a great place to go hiking with some Instagram-worthy views!

Learn more about visiting Algonquin Park.

#3 – The Thousand Islands

If Muskoka had a sibling… it wold be The Thousand Islands. Breathtaking views of the Canadian Shield granite rock, sprawling islands and beautiful blue water almost as far as the eye can see. From helicopter tours to boat cruises, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this magical place. If looking for something smaller scale, you can rent or bring a kayak or a bicycle and take things in at your own pace.

Tip: If you’re a real thrill seeker, we hear that there is a skydiving company in the area offering jump opportunities to the public. That certainly would be provide quite the view! You’ll have to let us know if you try it!

Learn more about visiting the Thousand Islands.

#4 – Ouimet Canyon

If you crave the outdoors and are intrigued by the idea that Ontario does in fact have a canyon… we recommend visiting the Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. There is a boardwalk that connects two lookout platforms of the 150-metre wide gorge and 100-metre straight down drop. It really will take your breath away! This unique place is thought to have been carved out by water flow from a glacier that melted millions of years ago. Cool, right?

Tip: There is currently no over-night camping at Ouimet Canyon, but you can find some great camping spots nearby at the Sleeping Giant or Kakabeka Falls Provincial Parks.

Learn more about visiting the Ouimet Canyon.

#5 – La Cloche Mountains

YES – in addition to Ontario being home to a canyon, we also have mountains! About a 5-hour drive from Toronto, we recommend checking out the La Cloche Mountains Provincial Park. They do have ‘back country’ overnight camping available, along with great hiking trails, boating, fishing and swimming opportunities. The views here are stunning!

Tip: Be advised that there are no park facilities or organized activities here. This is you and the wilderness. Bring plenty of food, water and anything else you might need during your adventure.

Learn more about visiting the La Cloche Mountains.

Where ever the final days of summer take you, remember to keep it comfy, keep it cozy and we’ll be with you every step, paddle, cast, camp or stargaze of the way!

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Cruising Through Summer

Cruising Through Summer

Few sights are as synonymous with Muskoka as the beautiful steamships in Gravenhurst at the Muskoka Wharf. And as of August 1st, the Wennonah II – one half of the beloved Muskoka Steamships, the other, named the Segwun – resumed public cruises on the breathtaking blue waters of Lake Muskoka.

For those unfamiliar, this unique Muskoka experience offers passengers the opportunity to see Lake Muskoka in a totally new way. The cruises help showcase just how beautiful Muskoka is and just how special it is to visit or call home. To celebrate the Steamships’ return to sailing this summer, here are 3 tips to make sure you get the most out your visit to the Wharf and a cruise aboard the majestic Steamships.

#1 – Make It Comfy: Bring Us With You

We love cruises and you will too when you’re in your cottage comfy Muskoka Bear Wear! Sometimes the wind on the water can be cool, so we recommend bringing along a Ladies Camp Hoody or Men’s Quarter-Zip. You will enjoy the scenic rocks, trees and wildlife from the deck of the Wennonah II as she effortlessly floats across the water. < relaxing sigh >

#2 – Great Selfie Locations at the Wharf

There are several great spots for selfies worth checking out while you’re at the Wharf. The most obvious one is directly where the beautiful ships are docked as seen above. Another is at the Gazebo located along the boardwalk at the Wharf. And if you want to get a different angle entirely, take a 2-minute drive to the Lions Lookout Park for a great view of the Steamships – from the other side!

#3 – Sale of the Week Items

Be sure to check out this week’s Sale of the Week page on our website for some sweet deals on your favourite Canadian-made Muskoka Bear Wear – including the Ladies Quarter-Zip in Lilac!

To learn more about the Steamships, check out this week’s MBW Shout Out.

AND – you can find additional information from the Steamships about their cruise scheduling and rates here.