In response to the challenging times that we are experiencing together regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give props to some stellar local businesses who are stepping up to serve our great community.

Featured this Week:

Sushi By The Water, Gravenhurst

“Once Discovered, Never Forgotten”

Borrowing a famous Muskoka slogan, ‘Once Discovered, Never Forgotten‘, Sushi By The Water, a newly opened sushi restaurant in Gravenhurst, fits the slogan perfectly. This gem located along HWY 169 between Gravenhurst and Bala not only offers up one of the most breathtaking patio views in Muskoka, but they serve some of the best sushi we’ve ever eaten.

Owned and operated by three friends, Peter, Wang & Jiang, they made it clear early on that the focus would be on quality, not quantity. Peter & Wang were able to lure Jiang, a former Master Chef in a Toronto Japanese restaurant, with the appeal of Muskoka and his love for fishing. “Don’t be surprised if on a slow day, you will see Jiang fishing right off the patio.” Peter told us.

Opening a new business – let alone a restaurant – any time of the year or anywhere in the world is already difficult task, but when you pair it alongside the timeline of Covid-19, you might have thought it was a recipe for disaster. For Sushi By The Water however, it was a recipe that spelled opportunity. It gave them time to establish themselves and focus on their Take Out & Delivery service – and eventually their Patio Dining – while finding their rhythm and introducing themselves to the community. Establishing safety protocols and carefully allowing people to discover them gave them a chance to build confidence and momentum that should serve to carry them though their first (upcoming) off-season. We wonder if Jiang will hang around and try his hand at ice fishing!

We would like to acknowledge the hard work and the dedication it took by Sushi By The Water and their team to launch their business this year. We also want to thank them for bringing their incredible sushi to Muskoka… we literally cannot recommend them enough. Their Spicy Salmon Rolls and the Honey Butter Chicken dish is exceptional! Keep up the great work guys!!

If you know a local business who deserves a shout out, send us a direct message with a photo and why they should be featured.

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