Normally this time of year we’d be counting down the days until cottage season but in the midst of everything that is happening we continue to encourage everyone to stay home and stay comfy so that hopefully we can enjoy summer in Muskoka.

With that in mind, here are a few of things we miss and look forward to resuming when all of this has passed.

1. Sunrises on the Dock with a Hot Beverage

MBW Mug on the dock at sunrise.

You hear the call of a pair of loons echoing over the still water and squint your eyes as that first beam of sunlight breaks the horizon. You picked up some fresh coffee beans from Oliver’s on the way to the cottage, so you are now sitting comfortably in your Muskoka chair, holding your Bear Wear mug and it is like time has stopped. You can hear the wind passing through the leaves, the birds springing to life and the gentle waves as they hit against the dock. Nothing will ever replace moments like these.

2. Live Music Concerts

Rocking a Muskoka Bear Wear hoody at a concert.

Hunter’s Bay Radio in Huntsville is a great example of a local business adapting to the times to give local artists a platform to be seen and heard while we all hang out at home. And as much as we have been loving watching their virtual concerts, there are few experiences in life like being in the crowd at a live show for one of your favourite bands or artists. The shared energy of the fans around you, the music as it hits you and that indescribable magic that happens during that exchange is truly something special. Whether you are preparing to take in a show at the Kee to Bala or maybe heading south for the next Boots & Hearts, Muskoka Bear Wear always has your back all the way!

3. Lunch Dates

Zoom chats and FaceTime have been a great alternative fill-in for meeting up with your besties to catch up, but it will never replace huddling around the table with your squad – say at Main Street Delicatessen – and serving up the tea on all the things going on in our lives. Who unfollowed who on Instagram? Did you see what your fave celebrity wore on the red-carpet last night? Did they really leave your message on ‘read’ all day? Have you tried the latest Tik Tok challenge? We can’t wait for things to return to normal so we can all pile into our favourite restaurants and dish.  

We know times are tough, but we also know these times will pass and we will be jumping in the lake and roasting s’mores by the fire with all of you again soon. Just think of how much sweeter it will be and how much more we will appreciate those simpler, meaningful experiences together.

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Just remember… #StayHome #StayHealthy and #StayCozy