MBW Outfits for Working from Home

MBW Outfits for Working from Home

For some, the fight against covid-19 has meant time away from their jobs and the normal day-to-day, while for others, some continue their fight directly on the front lines. But there’s also a third category during these challenging times… those working from home; caught in this strange in-between space where one moment your Zoom-calling your colleagues and the next you’re walking around in your housecoat and slippers.

Well, you aren’t alone – Muskoka Bear Wear is here to help you keep it comfy while you work from home!

1. Virtual Meetings
Business On Top; Comfy Cozy on the bottom with the Fleece Paw Shorts or Men’s Cottage Comfy Pants.

Business on top and cozy on the bottom. Go ahead… schedule and conduct all the FaceTime, Zoom & Skype meetings you need. Your boss or co-workers only really need to see you from the waist up, right? Keep it profesh on top with a button down, a tie, maybe even a blazer. Then slip into a comfy pair of Fleece Paw Shorts or Men’s Cottage Comfy Pants and enjoy the soft, comfy bottoms – your colleagues will never know!

Fleece Paw Shorts

2. Bad Self Haircuts
Keep it covered with a Ladies Cabin Hoody now available in Lilac with Lilac Plaid OR a Men’s Sherpa Hoody now available in Navy with Charcoal.

You went for it. You probably thought to yourself ‘just a little off the top’… ‘maybe just a bit here’… ‘maybe another snip there’… and the next thing you know you look like an early 90’s Andre Agassi or a 2007 Britney Spears meltdown. We’ll give you an ‘A’ for effort and applaud your handiwork. Now you’re wondering what to do to cover that mop until the quarantine is over and you can rush to your local salon. Solution. Rock a Ladies Cabin Hoody or Men’s Sherpa Hoody and hide that melon at all costs! No one needs to know what’s going on under that hood!

Men’s Sherpa Hoody

3. Muskoka Meeting Background Images for Zoom
Download our Muskoka Background image.

Want to show off your love for Muskoka while making all those extra Zoom calls? We got you. Download our Muskoka Background Image for Zoom and let people know where your heart truly is: in Muskoka.

Keep it comfy & cozy while you work at home!

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Remember… #StayHome #StayHealthy and #StayCozy !