Cruising Through Summer

Cruising Through Summer

Few sights are as synonymous with Muskoka as the beautiful steamships in Gravenhurst at the Muskoka Wharf. And as of August 1st, the Wennonah II – one half of the beloved Muskoka Steamships, the other, named the Segwun – resumed public cruises on the breathtaking blue waters of Lake Muskoka.

For those unfamiliar, this unique Muskoka experience offers passengers the opportunity to see Lake Muskoka in a totally new way. The cruises help showcase just how beautiful Muskoka is and just how special it is to visit or call home. To celebrate the Steamships’ return to sailing this summer, here are 3 tips to make sure you get the most out your visit to the Wharf and a cruise aboard the majestic Steamships.

#1 – Make It Comfy: Bring Us With You

We love cruises and you will too when you’re in your cottage comfy Muskoka Bear Wear! Sometimes the wind on the water can be cool, so we recommend bringing along a Ladies Camp Hoody or Men’s Quarter-Zip. You will enjoy the scenic rocks, trees and wildlife from the deck of the Wennonah II as she effortlessly floats across the water. < relaxing sigh >

#2 – Great Selfie Locations at the Wharf

There are several great spots for selfies worth checking out while you’re at the Wharf. The most obvious one is directly where the beautiful ships are docked as seen above. Another is at the Gazebo located along the boardwalk at the Wharf. And if you want to get a different angle entirely, take a 2-minute drive to the Lions Lookout Park for a great view of the Steamships – from the other side!

#3 – Sale of the Week Items

Be sure to check out this week’s Sale of the Week page on our website for some sweet deals on your favourite Canadian-made Muskoka Bear Wear – including the Ladies Quarter-Zip in Lilac!

To learn more about the Steamships, check out this week’s MBW Shout Out.

AND – you can find additional information from the Steamships about their cruise scheduling and rates here.

#MBWShoutOuts Week 21: the Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre

#MBWShoutOuts Week 21: the Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre

In response to the challenging times that we are experiencing together regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give props to some stellar local businesses who are stepping up to serve our great community.

Featured this Week:

Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre, Gravenhurst

If you have been to or through Muskoka, there’s a good chance you will recognize the stunning Muskoka Steamships – the Wennonah II and the Segwun. Resting peacefully at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst for most of the year, these humble, but majestic ships have been offering up public cruises through the major Lakes of Muskoka for decades. With an impressive heritage that spans the entire history of Gravenhurst … literally – the Steamships first set sail in 1866, while Gravenhurst was founded 21 years later in 1887 – the Steamships have been attracting visitors from the around the world to our mini slice of heaven here in Muskoka.

Photo from the Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre Facebook Page

With 2020 however, came COVID-19 and that meant the Steamships had to make the difficult decision to close and cancel their early-season cruises. Locals grew to miss the familiar ship whistle ringing through town as the ships used to come and go from the Wharf. But, with hard work and dedication, the stellar team behind the Steamships and Discovery Centre introduced some new Safety Measures for passengers and were able to resume public cruises on August 1st.

With touch-free temperature checks and pre-cruise screening and contact-tracing, reduced passenger capacity, increased staff training, cleaning and sanitizing along with mandatory masks, physical social distancing and more, the Steamships have really stepped their game up to ensure a safe experience for all who choose to enjoy a cruise this summer.

We would like to acknowledge and give props to the team at the Steamships for their perseverance and their commitment to safety. This certainly has not been an easy or straight forward summer, to be clear, so we’re proud to see the Steamships up and running again and have heard nothing by glowing response from those we know who have already sailed this summer. Way to go to all involved and wishing you a successful, albeit shortened, sailing season and all the best moving forward.

If you know a local business who deserves a shout out, send us a direct message with a photo and why they should be featured.

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