Lounging Through Labour Day Long Weekend with Muskoka Bear Wear!

Lounging Through Labour Day Long Weekend with Muskoka Bear Wear!

Our last few blogs were all about getting out there and making the most of what was left of Summer. Adventures you and your dog could go on, hot spots to visit in Ontario, going on cruises and all the exciting, adventurous things that come with Summer. However, for Labour Day Long Weekend, with Back 2 School right around the corner and wanting to make sure you have a chance to recharge the batteries ahead of the arrival of Fall, we’re recommending slowing things down and keeping it cozy, comfy and chill this Labour Day Weekend.

Step #1 – Get All Your Errands and Work Done ASAP!

Use your Friday evening or Saturday morning to get aaaaaaaall of your errands, work or responsibilities checked off so that you can be guilt-free to unplug and chill out. Get your phone calls or FaceTimes done. Pick up snacks and easy-to-make meals for while you’re hanging out this weekend. Lay out some comfy Muskoka Bear Wear for the rest of the weekend and get ready to chill.

Step #2 – Commence the Lounging!

Do your best to ignore your e-mails or messages and just kick back. If you love to read, get nice and cozy and cuddle up with that book you’ve been wanting to try but were always too busy. If you’re a gamer, fire up the console and let yourself drift into the game world. We recommend Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. We know those adorable villagers would love to see more of you this weekend. Maybe you’re a movie or TV show fan… BINGE AWAY! Schitt’s Creek, The Office and Parks & Recreation top our binge list right now.

The bottom line: get comfy and try to get lost in something that brings you joy.

Step #3 – Rinse & Repeat All Weekend Long

Guys, it’s a long weekend! You already got all of your work and responsibilities out of the way during Step #1, so put your own mental health and wellness at the forefront and indulge in that chill time! Finished your book? Start another. Finished your game, TV show or movie? Start another! Finished your first round of snacks, grab some more! Do what makes you feel good and you won’t feel any regret that you didn’t make the most of your Labour Day Long Weekend.

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