How to Style – The Ladies Sherpa Hoody

How to Style – The Ladies Sherpa Hoody

Aerial shot of Ivory Hoody and Ivory sweatpants laying on a rock with a wooden paddle peeking in to photo.
Product Shot of woman wearing a Ivory White Hoody with a white Muskoka Bear Wear logo on the frnot.

Our Ladies Sherpa Hoody – New This Season!

We released new bright colours this season in our Ladies Sherpa Hoody including a growing favourite, the Ivory Ladies Sherpa Hoody! Already added this cottage staple to your wardrobe and wondering what you can style it with? We have three signature ways to rock our cottage essentials!

With a Pair of Patterned Leggings

Who said comfy can’t be fun? Pair your favourite cottage-comfy hoody with a patterned pair of tights to add even more excitement to your outfit! Pictured here is the Ladies Sherpa Hoody in Ivory paired with army green animal printed leggings and faux-leather sandals! This is the perfect outfit for a morning trip to the coffee shop! Swap out the patterned leggings for black tights if you’re going for a more simple look!

Canadian mom sitting at a cafe table with a coffee wearing a Ivory coloured hoody and printed leggings.
Canadian woman standing in winter forest in a knit toque and Muskoka Bear Wear Ladies Quarter Zip Sweater

With Your Favourite Jeans

Mix and match your Sherpa hoody with different jean styles to fit the occasion! Featured here is our Ivory Ladies Sherpa Hoody paired with skinny jeans that have been cuffed at the end, a pair of army green runners and a reusable bag from Muskoka Bear Wear! This is a great outfit for a trip to the market, a quick dart to the grocery store or a walk about town! Switch it up with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a more relaxed fit!

With the MBW Camp Pants

Whether you’re spending the day reading a book at the cottage, relaxing outdoors for the day or even running errands, our matching Ivory set featuring the Ladies Sherpa Hoody and MBW Camp Pants is for you! Not only is it easy to plan out your outfit (they match together perfectly) but you’ll be spending the day in maximum comfort!

Canadian Woman sitting in front of fountain in Galt, Ontario wearing a matching Ivory sweater and sweatpants outfit
Muskoka Staycation Ideas

Muskoka Staycation Ideas

We know it can be difficult having to remain at home as Spring begins to roll in. The days are getting longer, that sunshine a little warmer and the call of Muskoka is getting louder and louder. But it’s okay, we have some great tips on how to bring Muskoka TO YOU and how you can enjoy some Muskoka-themed Staycation activities right at home!

S’Mores by the FireWhat You’ll Need: Graham Crackers; Marshmallows; Chocolate Bar (Hersey works great!); a Laptop or Tablet with internet connection; somewhere to cozy up.

Few things can replace the actual feeling of sitting around a fire with friends and family to roast marshmallows under the night sky, but this is definitely the next best thing. Set up your tablet or laptop somewhere that you can gather around to see it. Pull up YouTube and search for one of the many great several-hour-long campfire videos (here’s one). Set up some blankets, and pillows. Now, run back to the kitchen and get those s’mores ready (quick how-to here). Return to your cozy set-up, dish out the s’mores and enjoy your S’Mores by the Fire!

StargazingWhat You’ll Need: A backyard, or somewhere that you can relax outside while still practicing your social distancing; a clear dark night; added bonus: binoculars or a telescope.

While you may not have the dark sky required to see the entire Milky Way band of stars due to nearby ambient light, you should still be able to make out some of the more prominent night sky objects on a clear night even in the city. For starters, about 90 minutes after sunset, you should see the planet Venus in the west. It will appear as one of the brightest objects in the sky (next to the moon!). Without the help of binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to find the stars Sirius, Vega and Betelgeuse. Orion is often an easy constellation to spot as well as the ‘Pleiades’ cluster.

Bundle up nice and warm and lay under the stars for hours. You may notice the International Space Station passing by, or several other satellites that you never noticed before. You might just be surprised at what all you see when you take the time to look!

Home Spa TreatmentWhat You’ll Need: Your preferred home spa essentials (might include: face mask, home pedicure kit, hair mask, nail polish, bath bomb).

Sometimes the trip to the cottage is about unplugging and getting in some good self-care. And while you may not be able to connect with your favourite Muskoka spa right now, there are likely some local options you can find in the Yellow Pages who can help arrange curb-side pick-up for some home spa supplies. If not, your local Pharmacy or Grocery Store should have some essentials as well. The key here is to focus on things that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Rock a face mask while you give yourself a pedicure. Do up your nails. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

When you’re all finished, cozy up with a book or maybe play a board game with those you’re sharing your quarantine with.

Hang in there friends! We hope you enjoyed these Muskoka Staycation Ideas. Do you have any of your own? We’d love to hear about them!

Remember… #StayHome #StayHealthy and #StayCozy

Splash Into Spring with Lilac from Muskoka Bear Wear!

Splash Into Spring with Lilac from Muskoka Bear Wear!

Spring is in the air and we are so excited to see you loving our newly debuted Lilac colour combo just as much as we are! Available now in the Lilac Ladies Cabin Hoody with Lilac Plaid in the hood & the Lilac Ladies Quarter Zip.

But why stop there! If you loved the Ladies Cabin Hoody and Quarter-Zip, then you’re going to love what drops next… COMING SOON… we will be introducing the Lilac colour combo for our Ladies Cottage Comfy Pants, Youth Cabin Hoody and Youth Cottage Comfy Pants! Soon you and your littles will be able to show off your love for lilac.

We want to thank everyone for the incredible support during these tough times and for sharing with us all the photos of you rocking your Bear Wear at home as we practice our social distancing.

And while our stores remain closed, you can still shop online – where we’re now offering free shipping on all orders over $49 (before tax).

Remember friends, #StayHome #StayHealthy #StayComfy

EDIT: April 29th • The wait is over! The Lilac colour combo is now available in our Ladies Cottage Comfy Pants! They will go live on our website on Friday! Stay tuned!

More Lilac!
You can now get the Ladies Longsleeve Shirt and MBW Ladies T-Shirt in this season’s hottest colour!