3 Ways to Elevate Family Dinner This Summer

3 Ways to Elevate Family Dinner This Summer

#1 – Do It Together! Get the Family Involved!

Signaling that dinner is ready doesn’t have to be the first time everyone makes their appearance in the kitchen or dining room. Try baking grandma’s recipes together as a family! Or another great way to elevate your family dinner is to get everyone involved in the preparation. Whether that’s washing or chopping ingredients during food prep, or choosing what plates and table settings will be used, there’s plenty of jobs to go around. This is a great opportunity to connect with each other and create lasting memories.

#2 – Grow Your Own Ingredients or Keep It Local!

Few things are healthier or more rewarding than preparing a meal using ingredients that you grew or sourced locally. It’s likely that the more produce you grow, the more fresh fruit and vegetables that will be part of your regular diet. In addition to the boost in nutrients and vitamins for your body, you’re also helping the environment by reducing the environmental impact of food production. So get those green thumbs going, or acquaint yourself with the local food & farmers’ markets and keep it fresh and keep it local for dinner this summer.

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So remember, the 3 ways to elevate family dinner this summer: Do it together, keep it local and rock some comfy Muskoka Bear Wear.