3 Ways to Elevate Family Dinner This Summer

3 Ways to Elevate Family Dinner This Summer

#1 – Do It Together! Get the Family Involved!

Signaling that dinner is ready doesn’t have to be the first time everyone makes their appearance in the kitchen or dining room. Try baking grandma’s recipes together as a family! Or another great way to elevate your family dinner is to get everyone involved in the preparation. Whether that’s washing or chopping ingredients during food prep, or choosing what plates and table settings will be used, there’s plenty of jobs to go around. This is a great opportunity to connect with each other and create lasting memories.

#2 – Grow Your Own Ingredients or Keep It Local!

Few things are healthier or more rewarding than preparing a meal using ingredients that you grew or sourced locally. It’s likely that the more produce you grow, the more fresh fruit and vegetables that will be part of your regular diet. In addition to the boost in nutrients and vitamins for your body, you’re also helping the environment by reducing the environmental impact of food production. So get those green thumbs going, or acquaint yourself with the local food & farmers’ markets and keep it fresh and keep it local for dinner this summer.

#3 – Sale of the Week Items

Whether it’s dinner at home around the table, or BBQ in the backyard, takeout on a patio, a picnic or something else altogether, Muskoka Bear Wear is there for you to help keep it comfy and these Sale of the Week items should help do the trick!

So remember, the 3 ways to elevate family dinner this summer: Do it together, keep it local and rock some comfy Muskoka Bear Wear.

Victoria Day Weekend Traditions – From Home!

Victoria Day Weekend Traditions – From Home!

Normally the arrival of the Victoria Day Long Weekend (or May 2-4) is something to celebrate. Year-round residents and business owners prepare for the influx of visitors and for life on the water and on patios, while those who visit or live here seasonally gear up to open the cottage or search for somewhere fun or unique to stay. And while we hope to demonstrate that there is still plenty to celebrate this May 2-4, things will obviously look much different as we continue to maintain social distancing and restrict travel. That is why we are going to break down some of our favourite May 2-4 traditions… and how you can enjoy them from the comfort of home!

Prepping the BBQ! • Nothing screams SUMMER like a good ‘ole BBQ cookout. Slapping some burgers down, maybe some vegetable skewers, corn on the cob, some juicy steaks… we can practically smell it now. For tips on preparing your BBQ for the season, we found a helpful article from Napoleon. Now you just need some food to throw on and an ice-cold beverage in hand and you are all set. What are you cooking this weekend?

Gardening • As Spring enters full-swing and we are on the verge of Summer, for many people throughout Muskoka, this is the time to get their green thumb on. For some, the focus is about planting vegetables or herbs that can be used for cooking. For others, it is about the floral decoration and being creative or for attracting particular kinds of birds or bugs. Some gardeners are into it just for the process and the journey towards finding that inner zen. But, you do not necessarily have to do this just at the cottage. Whether you have a full backyard, a balcony, or even just a window that gets some sunlight, you can find ways to flex your green thumb at home. Here is a great piece from The Spruce to help you get started. And don’t be shy, we would love to see some photos of your home gardens!

Tent Camping • May 2-4 is also typically the kick-off for camping season. Everything from RV’s & trailers to log cabins and sleeping bags. Well, if you are stuck at home this May 2-4, if you have a tent, you can still get your camp on! First step: clearing the space to set up. The backyard is the ideal space, but even if you live in an apartment, you can get creative by moving your dining room set and using the dining room, or maybe even your living room. Once the tent is set up, the next step is ambiance. Here is an 8-hour soundtrack of a campfire and night sounds that should help to set the mood. Now maybe a tiny spray of sunscreen or some bug spray to trick the senses and you are practically there! Get comfy, grab some snacks, turn off your phones and devices and just enjoy some down time… exactly like how you would if you were camping here in Muskoka. Read a book, do some stargazing, just keep it cozy in your Muskoka Bear Wear!

We know there is no replacement for coming to Muskoka and enjoying all that cottage country has to offer, but we hope you are able to unplug and relax a bit this Victoria Day Long Weekend and that with the help of some of the tips above, you’ll find cause to celebrate. Happy May 2-4 everyone, we cannot wait to welcome you all back in person one day very soon!

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Just remember… #StayHome #StayHealthy and #StayCozy