Hi there! My name is Kresson and I’ve lived in Muskoka all my life. I love hiking, being outside, and exploring the world around me!

What are 3 outdoor adventure essentials you can’t leave the house without?

The three outdoor items I never leave the house without are my backpack (filled with some snacks, a full water bottle, and a change of socks!) a comfy MBW sweater, and something for navigating because I have no sense of direction!

Canadian Influencer Kresson wearing a Soft Violet Quarter Zip and matching Soft Violet MBW Camp Pants (sweatpants) is leaning against a tree outside and smiling.
Canadian man and woman sitting on a dock wearing Muskoka Bear Wear posing with their dog
Canadian woman looking off to the side, standing in a forest, wearing a knit toque and Muskoka Bear Wear Ladies Quarter Zip

What do you love most about Muskoka?

It’s so hard to pin down what I love most about Muskoka, but I’d have to say it’s the fact that each season has something new to offer! The fall here is incredible, summer on the lake is unmatched, spring is beautiful, and winter is magical! There’s something for every outdoorsman!

“My favourite spots in Muskoka to explore are probably High Falls, Huckleberry and Arrowhead! There are so many, though, so it’s hard to narrow it down!”

Canadian Woman standing on rock near frozen lake with hands and one leg in the air.
Canadian Influencer Kresson

What is your favourite Muskoka Bear Wear item?

My favourite Muskoka Bear Wear item is the Ladies Quarter Zip! You can never have enough of them! 🙂

Canadian woman standing in winter forest in a knit toque and Muskoka Bear Wear Ladies Quarter Zip Sweater