In response to the challenging times that we are experiencing together regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give props to some stellar local businesses who are stepping up to serve our great community.

Featured This Week:

The Muskoka Drive-In Theatre, Gravenhurst

“Meet you at the rock!”

The Muskoka Drive-In Theatre, located just on the outskirts of Gravenhurst, Ontario has been a draw for movie-lovers for decades. Having first opened in 1952, it is one of, if not the longest-continually-running drive-in movie theatre in all of Canada. Surrounded by indigenous birch and pine trees, the original screen was built on a concrete wall and nestled on beautiful Canadian Shield granite rock. Alongside a children’s playground, a snack bar, box office – and as of 2018, a second screen – The Muskoka Drive-In Theatre offers fun and nostalgia for the whole family.

When the global pandemic first hit, the Muskoka Drive-In was still closed for the Winter season. But as Spring rolled in and hopes to open the Drive-In as per their regular schedule took shape, that’s when they knew things would be different this year. Firstly, they needed to wait for permission to allow Drive-In Theatres to open. When that finally came, it also brought with it several new guidelines and rules that they would need to follow in order to ensure the safety of visitors.

Not afraid of the challenge, The Muskoka Drive-In Theatre stepped up in a big way to meet those guidelines and has been going above and beyond to ensure a safe and fun experience for visitors this year. The opening night for the Drive-In was back on June 4th and on June 25th they were able to re-open the Snack Bar. Things like the playground and mini-putt remain closed to the public for the time being, but, film-lovers and those who miss being able to go see a movie on the big screen have been treated to a sensational lineup of classic movies this Summer. The nostalgic films have included Jurassic Park, Shrek, Back to the Future, Jaws, Grease, Footloose, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and many more.

We want to acknowledge and applaud the Muskoka Drive-In Theatre for their hard work and commitment to serving community. As big movie-fans ourselves, we certainly appreciate that the local Drive-In is available to us and our families. Thank you for all you’re doing!!

If you know a local business who deserves a shout out, send us a direct message with a photo and why they should be featured. #StayComfy