How to Style – The Ladies Sherpa Hoody

How to Style – The Ladies Sherpa Hoody

Aerial shot of Ivory Hoody and Ivory sweatpants laying on a rock with a wooden paddle peeking in to photo.
Product Shot of woman wearing a Ivory White Hoody with a white Muskoka Bear Wear logo on the frnot.

Our Ladies Sherpa Hoody – New This Season!

We released new bright colours this season in our Ladies Sherpa Hoody including a growing favourite, the Ivory Ladies Sherpa Hoody! Already added this cottage staple to your wardrobe and wondering what you can style it with? We have three signature ways to rock our cottage essentials!

With a Pair of Patterned Leggings

Who said comfy can’t be fun? Pair your favourite cottage-comfy hoody with a patterned pair of tights to add even more excitement to your outfit! Pictured here is the Ladies Sherpa Hoody in Ivory paired with army green animal printed leggings and faux-leather sandals! This is the perfect outfit for a morning trip to the coffee shop! Swap out the patterned leggings for black tights if you’re going for a more simple look!

Canadian mom sitting at a cafe table with a coffee wearing a Ivory coloured hoody and printed leggings.
Canadian woman standing in winter forest in a knit toque and Muskoka Bear Wear Ladies Quarter Zip Sweater

With Your Favourite Jeans

Mix and match your Sherpa hoody with different jean styles to fit the occasion! Featured here is our Ivory Ladies Sherpa Hoody paired with skinny jeans that have been cuffed at the end, a pair of army green runners and a reusable bag from Muskoka Bear Wear! This is a great outfit for a trip to the market, a quick dart to the grocery store or a walk about town! Switch it up with a pair of boyfriend jeans for a more relaxed fit!

With the MBW Camp Pants

Whether you’re spending the day reading a book at the cottage, relaxing outdoors for the day or even running errands, our matching Ivory set featuring the Ladies Sherpa Hoody and MBW Camp Pants is for you! Not only is it easy to plan out your outfit (they match together perfectly) but you’ll be spending the day in maximum comfort!

Canadian Woman sitting in front of fountain in Galt, Ontario wearing a matching Ivory sweater and sweatpants outfit
5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day (Sunday, June 20th) is coming up fast! What better way to say “Thanks for everything you do Dad” than a thoughtful gift! We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started on your Father’s Day celebrations!

1.Homemade Coupon Book to Help with Projects around the House
Let’s face it! The summer time is great for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather but more often than not, this is when we get out outdoor projects done! Offer up a few hours of your time to help your dad with some chores around the house!

MBW Father's Day Coupon Book

2.Plan a Fishing Trip or Boating Day for You and Dad
Your presence is the best present so why not plan a day for just you and your dad to spend some time outdoors with a fishing trip or a day out on the water! Pack some snacks, water and sunscreen and away you go!

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3.Treat your Dad to some Muskoka Bear Wear

Give the gift of comfort this Father’s Day with some of our Canadian Made cozy Muskoka Bear Wear! Perfect for the campfire, chilly cottage mornings by the waterfront and great for keeping covered during mosquito season, we have a variety of comfy items for your dad! New this season are our Men’s Quarter Zips in Park Green, Steel Grey and Cranberry, Men’s Camp Hoodies in 4 colours, and the MBW Men’s Pants in Steel Grey!

4. Made an Adventure Emergency Kit for the Summer

Warm weather means countless outdoor adventures! Show your dad you care with a homemade ‘Adventure Emergency Kit! Some ideas for things to include may be:

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Mini First Aid Kit (bandaids, Polysporin, cloth bandage, gauze etc.)
  • Trail-mix or other dry snacks
  • Bottles of water
  • Landyard with whistle on it

5. BBQ up a Father’s Day Dinner!

Sometimes the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! Gather all the ingredients for a BBQ dinner for Father’s Day and channel your inner grill master! Not comfortable BBQing yourself? Ask for some help and bond with your dad while cooking together!

Canadian Man wearing a Black Muskoka Bear Wear Hoody flipping hamburgers on a BBQ
5 Ways to Enjoy Rainy Days at the Cottage

5 Ways to Enjoy Rainy Days at the Cottage

We won’t let rainy days keep the fun away! As we look forward to warmer Spring weather, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ways to spend the day when the grey storm clouds hit!

  1. Have a Picnic Indoors

Who says you need to be outside in the grass to have a picnic? Bring this outdoor tradition indoors by laying a blanket out on the floor, putting some chips, fruit and other snacks in a basket, and having your picnic lunch in the comfort of your living room!

2. Rock Painting Crafts

A rainy day to-do list isn’t complete without one activity in the rain! Grab your family, toss on your rain boots and go for a mini adventure right in your backyard on a hunt for one medium sized flat stone each. Bring your stones home, bring out your paint and work together to create some colourful elements for your garden! Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Check out this haul of ideas by I Love Painted Rocks!

Check out more of our favourite craft inspiration on Muskoka Bear Wear’s Pinterest.

3. Build a Fort

What better way to spend a rainy day then to work together as a family to create the best indoor fort! With blankets, pillows, chairs and whatever household items you can find, get creative with it! One of our favourite things to do after building a fort is to bring in a laptop and watch a movie!

4. Bake some Sweets

Whether you decide on finding an indoor alternative to Smores or want to bake the world’s best brownies, filling the house with the sweet smell of baked goods sounds like a good plan to us! Nothing pairs better with a rainy day then the uplifting smell of fresh sugar cookies! We saved some of our favourite recipes over on our Weekend Recipes Pinterest Board.

5. Have an Indoor Spa & Relaxation Day

The spring season means a lot of outdoor work getting our cottages and yards ready for the summer season! Reward yourself on the days that you can’t work outside by taking a moment to relax at home! Some of our favourite ways to relax are getting into our cozy Muskoka Bear Wear, trying out some face-masks, give ourselves a hand massage to fix some of the gardening dryness and soaking our feet with some bath salts!

5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year

5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we want to help you celebrate the moms and mother figures in your life! Do you find yourself without a gift for Mother’s Day? We’ve compiled a few sentimental gifts that you can do within a few days!

1. Time

Sometimes the best gift we can give is time! This is a great Mother’s Day present even if you are not able to physically visit your mom. Call your mom ahead of time to plan an hour out of your day that you can both sit down and enjoy a tea and talk whether that be on the porch or over a video call. Turn off other distractions around you so that your mom gets your undivided attention! Bonus Idea: Plan a local food delivery to her door with some baked goods for your mom to enjoy during your tea catch-up!

2. Home Cooked Meal

Let’s face it – moms are superwomen! What better way to show your love and appreciation for everything they’ve done and continue to do, than cooking a home cooked meal and maybe a bonus dessert! Check out some of our favourite recommendations on the Muskoka Bear Wear Recipes Board on Pinterest: Weekend Recipes

Close-up of person sitting at a dinner table with chicken Parmesan and pasta, a MBW glass full of water, wearing a dark grey ladies quarter-zip and red cottage comfy pants.

3. A Few of Your Favourite Moments

Moms are there for some of the most important moments in our lives! Why not create a momento of those moments as a gift for Mother’s Day to show your mom some of the favourite memories you have with her! This could be a small book, a memory box, a container of photos with notes on the back, a framed shadow box or even a video blog! Some ideas for moments to include and reflect on might be:

  • a family trip
  • a time you both laughed until your bellies ached
  • a particular moment you remember them going above and beyond to help you through a difficult time
  • the simple moments – a tradition or daily routine you do with your mom
  • a collection of reasons about why you think she’s unique and special
wooden box open with old polaroids inside.
  1. A Local Gift-Basket

Shopping local is not only a great way to support you community, but great if you find yourself running out of time to ship something to your door! Many local businesses offer local curb-side pick-up within the week! At, we offer contactless curb-side pick-up at our Online Order Processing Facility in Bracebridge and are available via online chat to help you pick out the perfect gift for your mom!

Mint coloured Ladies Sherpa Hoody from Muskoka Bear Wear laying on a wooden floor with babys breath and daisys sticking out of the middle pocket.

5. A Mini Garden

Bring nature inside to admire on those rainy days with a homemade mini indoor garden! This could be something you create for your mom with some of her favourite small flowers or herbs, or you could make it a project that you can build together on Mother’s Day as a bonding activity! Some of our favourite indoor gardens we stumbled across on Pinterest include:

Check out some of our other indoor gardening recommendations on our Gettin’ Crafty Pinterest Board: Getting Crafty