November 13th is World Kindness Day so we turned to for some ideas on how you can spread some love and kindness to those around you. In fact, they have a list of 7 ways you can make kindness part of your normal daily routine, so let’s dive in!

#1 Send an uplifting text to a friend or family member.

You can make someone’s day just by sending them a quick message to let them know you’re thinking of them. Maybe you’re thanking them for something that did for you recently or just saying how much you appreciate them.

#2 If you drive, let someone merge in front of you, or let someone else go first at a stop and do it with a wave and a smile.

We’re all in a hurry to get somewhere, which means it can really have a big impact to let someone go ahead of you when out on the road. Maybe it’s letting someone have that prime parking spot, or pull ahead of you at the drive-thru, but certainly don’t underestimate the impact of such a gesture when driving.

#3 Include intentional moments of laughter and delight in your daily routine.

Is there any better medicine than laughter? If you find it, let us know! In the mean time, we highly recommend a good ‘ole belly laugh at least once a day. Whether you pull up something funny to watch on YouTube, or you can find humour in the world around you, be good to yourself and let yourself have some fun each and every day.

#4 Go slightly outside of your comfort zone once a day to make someone smile.

Alright, you don’t need to hang up-side-down from a tree to pull this one off! The sentiment here is that we all might be missing a chance to show kindness because we’re too shy to seize the moment. Well, we say go for it. If that means being a bit silly, or being the butt-end of a joke, it’s all fun if it helps someone smile.

#5 Share an appropriate compliment with a co-worker or friend.

We can all agree that sometimes being at work isn’t the number one place you’d choose to be at any given time, so why not offer a pick-me-up to those around you by sharing a compliment with one of your co-workers. Tell them that they handled an interaction with a customer well, or that you appreciate their work and you can have an huge impact on someone!

#6 Reach out to a friend or family member of you haven’t spoken to in a while.

It’s natural to want to feel included and thought-of by those we care about, so instead of waiting for that extended family member to reach out, why not be the first to say hello. A thoughtfully-written letter, e-mail or text will go a long way at not only nurturing that relationship, but spreading kindness and joy in all you do.

#7 Gift someone to a small treat – maybe it’s a friend, a stranger, or even yourself!

This one is our favourite because it’s something you can do for a stranger, a loved one or even for YOURSELF! Yes, YOU! We all deserve kindness, so why not pay yourself some kindness by treating yourself to a little something-something. Maybe it’s a delicious snack, or just going for a cruise with the tunes up, be kind to yourself and you will see an immediate impact on your well-being.

How many things from this list have you done today? What about this week? Well, with World Kindness Day on November 13th, we’re reminding you to be kind to those around you, your friends, your family and to yourself.