We won’t let rainy days keep the fun away! As we look forward to warmer Spring weather, we thought we’d share some of our favourite ways to spend the day when the grey storm clouds hit!

  1. Have a Picnic Indoors

Who says you need to be outside in the grass to have a picnic? Bring this outdoor tradition indoors by laying a blanket out on the floor, putting some chips, fruit and other snacks in a basket, and having your picnic lunch in the comfort of your living room!

2. Rock Painting Crafts

A rainy day to-do list isn’t complete without one activity in the rain! Grab your family, toss on your rain boots and go for a mini adventure right in your backyard on a hunt for one medium sized flat stone each. Bring your stones home, bring out your paint and work together to create some colourful elements for your garden! Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Check out this haul of ideas by I Love Painted Rocks!

Check out more of our favourite craft inspiration on Muskoka Bear Wear’s Pinterest.

3. Build a Fort

What better way to spend a rainy day then to work together as a family to create the best indoor fort! With blankets, pillows, chairs and whatever household items you can find, get creative with it! One of our favourite things to do after building a fort is to bring in a laptop and watch a movie!

4. Bake some Sweets

Whether you decide on finding an indoor alternative to Smores or want to bake the world’s best brownies, filling the house with the sweet smell of baked goods sounds like a good plan to us! Nothing pairs better with a rainy day then the uplifting smell of fresh sugar cookies! We saved some of our favourite recipes over on our Weekend Recipes Pinterest Board.

5. Have an Indoor Spa & Relaxation Day

The spring season means a lot of outdoor work getting our cottages and yards ready for the summer season! Reward yourself on the days that you can’t work outside by taking a moment to relax at home! Some of our favourite ways to relax are getting into our cozy Muskoka Bear Wear, trying out some face-masks, give ourselves a hand massage to fix some of the gardening dryness and soaking our feet with some bath salts!