Summer sure has had it’s share of heat and as we enter the second half, we’re serving up some tips on how to stay cool and beat that heat with Muskoka Bear Wear!

#1 Jump in the Lake – Go Swimming!

Whether it’s a pool, a pond or one of the many gorgeous, pristine lakes throughout Muskoka or the rest of Ontario, go jump in!! Make a splash! Few things will cool you off quicker than that first plunge into the water. If you’re sweltering in the heat, don’t wade in, don’t tip your toes in, just shout ‘cowabunga’ and jump right in!

#2 You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Cone, cup, bowl… it doesn’t really matter. If you need to cool off fast, the best and most delicious thing you can do is grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt. With so many flavours and options there has got to be a frozen delight for you. Classic, creamy soft-serve vanilla, banana splits, root beer floats, rainbow sorbet, moose tracks, cookie dough, chopped fruit, nuts, whipped cream, chocolate sauce…. if the heat ails you, ice cream is your salve! Have another scoop, we won’t tell anyone!

And if you’re looking for a great local place to get some ice cream we recommend checking out Melody’s Muskoka Ice Cream in Gravenhurst, Ontario! They just introduced homemade ice cream pies. Need we say more? Learn more by checking out Week 18 in our #MBWShoutouts here.

#3 Grab Some of our Sale of the Week Items!

Whether you’re chilling on the patio, hanging on the beach or any of about ten thousand other fun things this summer, Muskoka Bear Wear is right there with you and your family every paw print of the way! Check out our Sale of the Week page for great deals to help you beat the heat and keep cool this summer!