Rylie S.

Muskoka Bear Wear Ambassadors for SickKids

At 9 months old, Rylie was down to 5% liver function from an undiagnosed cause, even after months of testing. On July 4th, 2007, I donated 1/3 of my liver to Rylie at SickKids to save his life. Life post-transplant has not always been easy and Rylie has suffered many illnesses from being immune-suppressed, including post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder (PTLD), which is a type of cancer, at 18 months old.

Now over 12 years post-transplant, Rylie is a healthy, athletic, energetic, and caring young man, who has earned the nickname of SuperRy. He loves everything outdoors, especially if it involves the lake or snow, and is a rep soccer player and martial arts student. In July 2018, he brought home 5 gold medals from his first Canadian Transplant Games in Vancouver, BC.

The care Rylie has received at SickKids has been second to none! We have been advocating for organ donation awareness and fundraising for SickKids annually to give back, and with the hope that we can be a part of something that will help other kids have the chance to tell their stories some day as healthy kids too!

In May 2013, we moved to Bracebridge from Stoney Creek. That summer we discovered Muskoka Bear Wear, as well as the bears and socks being sold to support SickKids. We bought SickKids products every year as gifts for son’s teachers, and for ourselves of course, as well as the amazing quality MBW sweaters, shirts, tanks, toques and pants. This year is a little different as we are participating in the GetLoud event in support of SickKids so we decided that Team SuperRy would all wear the MBW SickKids toques as well! Thanks for making such great stuff and supporting SickKids!


Vanessa (Rylie’s Mama and liver donor)
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