Precious F.

April Fisher - SickKids Ambassador
Great Camp Adventure Walk – 2016

Muskoka Bear Wear Ambassadors for SickKids

I am writing to not only say we love BearWear, we have a cottage in Port Carling and love to visit your store, but to also submit my daughter, Precious’ SickKid story.

In April 2014, Precious was suffering from what we thought was the stomach flu. After a few days she developed a large pain in her side. We took her to our local hospital and after a few tests, an emergency surgery was performed. Their findings: 3 litres of puss and stool where her appendix should have been. We stayed in the hospital for a few days as she was a high risk for infection.

5 days later, we learned she developed a 15 cm abcess that required emergency drainage. We were sent to SickKids. At first we were very apprehensive about going but after meeting the amazing staff, seeing the amazing hospital with all facilities and activities put us at ease. (We still have the rock Precious painted in our garden) After a few days, it started not to feel like a hospital, more like a hotel just with friendly people who come in to poke and prod you.

We were there a week and was given a clean bill of health, we were sent home.

A few months later we heard a radio ad advertising the Walk for SickKids. Without a hesitation, my family and I signed up. In 2015 we walked all 20KM. The pride we felt when we crossed the finish line, knowing we helped a great cause was fantastic!

In 2016, with a three month old infant in tow, we walked 20KM again!

2017, you will see us again. In our BearWear socks and carrying our teddies!!!!!

We are looking for more SickKids Ambassadors & graduates to feature your story on our blog, so please email us and share your journey