Muskoka Memories [video]

Muskoka Memories – Muskoka Bear Wear
Authentic Cottage Country Since 2003.

Production Company:
Insta: @threetwothreepictures
Facebook: @threetwothreepictures

Director: Bryce Mercier – @bryce.mercier
Producer: Eve Krogman – @evekrogman
DOP: Cam Kangas – @CKFP
Editor: Erica Giunta – @erica.giunta
Sound Editor/Composer: Taylor Wice – @taylorwice
Gaffer: Kevin Santos – @kevsantos96
A/C – Hayley Keenan – @hayleykeenandp
Location Sound: Liam Jollymore – @ljollymore
Grip: Matt Collu – @matthewcwaynewright

Cast (in order of appearance)
Matt Collu – @matthewcwaynewright
Kyle Murray
Everlyn Murray
Nightengale Nguyen – @night.nguyen
Callie Watson – @calliebearthegolden
Kevin Santos – @kevsantos96
Hayley Keenan – @hayleykeenandp
Eve Krogman – @evekrogman
Mauricio Quijada – @mauricio_quijada
Eric Lote – @ericlote

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