Matthew M.

Matthew MaramieriMuskoka Bear Wear Ambassadors for SickKids

Good Evening,

A SickKids Kid and Muskoka Bear Wear supporter! Our whole family loves your products – all of us have lots of Bear Wear and even a couple of bears. We live in Caledon , ON but have a Cottage in Baysville and visit your Huntsville location almost every time we are there 😊 Thank you so much for what you do to raise funds for the SickKids Foundation! We loved seeing you at last year’s SickKids Great Camp Walk – Matthew was one of the kids on stage during the opening ceremonies!

A little bit of his story …

Matthew is 4 years old and no stranger to the SickKids Hospital. At just 24 hours old Matthew went into a surgery to fix a ruptured bowel, a rare occurrence to happen in utero and a clue to his future diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a deadly genetic disease that affects many organs – specifically the lungs and pancreas and at this time does not have a cure! Even with daily treatments and frequent visits to SickKids for tests, Matthew loves to just be a kid and nothing can stop him! His loud, sweet & humorous personality can put a smile on anyone’s face or pull at your heart strings. One of Matthew’s favourite stuffies is his bear Scout that his parents bought him from Muskoka BearWear Hunstville! A bear that gives him comfort and benefits so many other SickKids through donation.

Thank you again for what you do!!!

Gillian (Matthew’s mommy)

We are looking for more SickKids Ambassadors & graduates to feature your story on our blog, so please email us and share your journey