Alice C.

Alice CrawleyMuskoka Bear Wear Ambassadors for SickKids

Hi there,

We first went to SickKids when Alice was 4 days old and we noticed she was jaundice. After a battery of invasive tests and procedures, Alice was diagnosed with an incurable rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia, which affects 1 in 18,000 babies. Alice underwent emergency, life-saving surgery at SickKids at just 68 days old. Without this surgery, she would not survive past her second birthday.

Her surgery was deemed successful, which was against the odds. Only 30% of babies who undergo this surgery are successful, and the remaining 70% require a liver transplant before their 1st birthday.

Alice now 18 months and considered stable, but we are back at SickKids often for checkups and the occasional inpatient stay when she experiences complications related to her disease. Since it is incurable, she will live with this forever, and will require a liver transplant in her lifetime.

We owe everything we have to SickKids and the incredible doctors, surgeons, nurses, researchers and staff who work there. It is the most incredible place and we always feel confident under their care. We love SickKids and feel forever in their debt for saving Alice’s life and providing her with the best care imaginable.

I have attached a few photos of Alice with Toothpick, who she calls “BearBear”. I bought Toothpick for Alice for Christmas, as he reminded me of her. Because of her BA, Alice has a distended belly and skinny arms and legs, just like Toothpick.

Thanks for listening, and for making these special bears! We also all have the SickKids socks in our family too!

Bonnie (Alice’s mom)

We are looking for more SickKids Ambassadors & graduates to feature your story on our blog, so please email us and share your journey

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